‚ÄčInside Our Volunteer Days

Andy's Attic holds a Saturday Volunteer Day once a month from 9am to 12pm. We have people of all ages come and volunteer with large groups, small groupssports teams, business, families and even individuals

When you come and volunteer some things you may do is 
 organize shelves, fill orders for people in need, unpack/put away donations, clean and most important have fun!

The students and staff at Andy's Attic are very appreciative toward everybody that has volunteered at our non-profit!

 The months of November and December became our busiest times due to multiple fires and the holidays. 22 Worcester Public schools students were displaced. Andy's Attic felt honored to be called upon during this hard time for these heartbroken families. 

During these two months we watched our community come together during a hard time. We had 289 people from all around our community come and volunteer during our Saturday volunteer days during these months. Project New Hope was able to donate a jeep full of brand new toys. The Durkin bus company donated a whole school bus full of clothing.

November-December Volunteer Day