Meet our Board of Directors


​Andy's Attic is always in need of funding to support helping our community and thanks to the fundraising committee we are able to reach out to our community and receive funding to improve our organizations and set up events for the people around our community to participate in.


The maintenance workers of Andy's Attic work to take care of our work space in Andy's Attic and keep it clean and organized. The maintenance workers organize shelves, take out the trash, keep the area clean, and do most of the heavy lifting so that our workers and volunteers can be thankful for their clean and organized work environment.


​Our outreach directors reach out to our community, teach people how to fill orders on our volunteer days, give tours, and inform the community on how they can help us fulfill our goals for Andy's Attic.


Our inventory specialists keep track of the clothing that we have, don't have, and what we need to provide for the people we serve in our community.


The people who take on our marketing jobs work everyday to improve our website and develop job descriptions like these. Marketing is in charge of creating brochures, news letters, distributing information and forms as well as collecting data for our website which is constantly being developed by our marketing team.​


Our business production workers focus on organizing donations, completing order requests, folding and sorting clothes along with reaching out to people or organizations when their clothing requests are complete. Business production workers show hard work and dedication to helping Andy's Attic every day.