As a working accountant and credit-recovery officer, Paul Burgess makes sure Andy’s Attic stays on its toes when preparing financial paperwork. His role with Andy’s Attic is vital to keeping our promise that every dollar brought in stays in and helps Andy’s Attic to continue to grow.  Mr. Burgess works closely with our Marketing II students preparing our yearly tax returns for our 501c3, providing them with essential life skills for their future.  We are so thankful for Mr.Burgess's dedication to our mission.  Through his efforts Andy's Attic has been the recipient of multiple Mass Child grants which are essential to our growing business. 


Aaron Maday


A long time South High Physical Education teacher turned Nonprofit President and Director, Christine Foley's love to develop students to excellent entrepreneurs has led to the success and immense growth of Andy’s Attic. Christine started her teaching career in the Worcester Public Schools at South High as a physical education teacher. Her love for her students led her to taking over the day to day operations of Andy’s Attic. Year after year she has seen potential walk out the doors of South High, so she turned Andy’s Attic into a learning experience. Today, the students learn everything from resume writing, interview skills, and proper dress to the ins and outs of running a non-profit.

Retired South High math teacher turned Assistant Principal, Pete Sherman finds joy in interacting with the community as our delivery driver and outreach director. His heart for the community is like no other. As Andy’s Attic’s first responder, Peter isn’t afraid to ask survivors of disasters if they need assistance or clothing and report back to us with order forms for them. Pete also delivers orders to people and organizations with no way to pick the orders up themselves.

Paul Burgess

​​​​​Pete Sherman


Intern Manager

​Christine Foley

Sandy Danault 

​Vice President

Maureen Binienda 

​Sandy Danault is a networking guru with connections in a diverse array from farmers to ex-NFL stars. Her communication skills and ability to relate to others has helped Andy’s Attic flourish. As an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, Sandy, a South High Physical Education/Health teacher and Grafton Farmer leads by example through her everyday routine. As a mentor for our business class, Sandy helps prepare our students for their future. Sandy is Mrs. Foleys right-hand woman, she keeps Christine sane and ready to tackle what each day brings at Andy’s Attic.

Board Director

Worcester Public Schools Superintendent started her 38+ year educational career at South High Community School as a special education teacher. She worked her way up to become the principal of South High. As principal of South, Mrs. Binienda welcomed Andy’s Attic with open arms and guided our 501c3 to become the marketing classes it is today. Mrs. Binienda has been our biggest supporter since day one and is dedicating to enhancing every student’s education within the city of Worcester.

​As our first official intern, Aaron has been a blessing to Andy’s Attic during the Spring of 2019. His love for the community and ability to relate to others has helped him in allowing Andy’s Attic to reach deeper into Worcester. Aaron is a great example of a South High Alum to our current students in our classroom. As a member of the class of 2015, Aaron has seen Andy’s Attic grow at South since the beginning. He has helped bridge the gap between South High and Worcester State University by opening the door for other Public Health students to intern here. He has also been working with Worcester State’s Career Services working on a “Career Closet” at the University to partner with Andy’s Attic. The Career Closet exists to serve the Worcester State University community with slightly worn clothing for interviews and other formal occasions. Aaron will be continuing his education by attending Wake Forest University to receive his Masters in Management.