"My reason for volunteering here is because doing good for others makes me feel good. I love helping those in need."


South High School Senior


    *New Socks,

    *New   underwear


    *New Sneakers

    *Gift cards to purchase new    items

Get Involved

Volunteer!  There are many rewarding ways to become involved with Andy's Attic.  Volunteer hours are posted regularly for groups or individuals to come in and fold, sort, and organize clothing.

Donate!  We take donations throughout the year and can be dropped off at South High Community School between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:00 pm.  

We are always in great need of gently used clothing and shoes in all sizes from babies to grandparents.  Andy's Attic provides a week's worth of clothing and each bag of clothing contains a package of new socks and new underwear.

What We Need

Andy's Attic is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization run completely by student volunteers at South High Community School.  Students volunteer their time and even donate their own clothing.  We provide gently used clothing, shoes, backpacks, toiletries and some school supplies to teenagers and families in need.

Our Mission

"I love being a part of the Andy's Attic family and working together to give as much as we can to families in need." 



South High Community School Senior

"Andy's Attic adds to the commitment of community at South High Community School.  This community includes the students who volunteer, the dedication of Christine Foley, Andy's Attic Coordinator, the Great Worcester clothing donors and volunteers, and the 1,000 recipients of Andy's Attic. In Andy's Attic we al learn what it means to truly care about another and to take action."

Maureen Binienda

Worcester Public Schools, Superintendent

The Lives We Impact

Teenagers helping teenagers

​Andy's Attic

Please watch this amazing video featuring our South High Student volunteers, Principal Maureen Binienda and Vice Principal Pete Sheman.  This video always makes me cry!

“Andy's Attic provided me with the opportunity to give back to my community, as well as allowing me to gain skills and community service hours at the same time.  As a high school student, a lot of the time you think about yourself and your own goals, but for some, having enough clothes to last a week might be a goal that's hard to reach and, as a volunteer at Andy's Attic, I think that we do a great job in making that goal reachable for so many families in our community.  I'm happy to be a part of a big help."

Javontaye Randolph,

Student Volunteer; 2015 Graduate